A little taste of summer

Since it's soooo cold outside I thought I'd post some photos from the summer to cheer us all up!

New Years Revisited

Given that Ukranian New Year is upon us. I thought I'd revisit our New Years celebrations because I never did post anything back when it happened. Our New Years was a lovely one spent with good friends and the girls learned a new game - dreidel. They first discovered it on Sesame Street and wanted to play it because you win chocolate, but I did not have a dreidel nor do I know the rules of the game. Fortunately, we know someone who does. Thanks Ben, for sharing your traditions with us. The video is the end of the game where the girls had finally won all of Ben's chocolate.

More concerning Make Believe

You can read all of the books Oprah is stamping with her seal of approval to help you find the real you and be better than the real you is once you find it. Or, if you're looking for a cheaper alternative (actually scratch the cheaper - their education alone is estimated at $100,000), if you're looking for an alternative all you have to do is watch your life be mirrored in a 3 year olds make believe. Apparently, I spend the majority of my life talking about pee and poo and/or cleaning pee and poo. When I'm not taking care of everyone's bowel movements, I'm taking them to the doctors because they have eye infections and are throwing up. I have been largely unaware of my fascination with bowel movements until the girls opened my eyes to it. I mentioned in an earlier post that with three year olds it's all about what impression you leave. Well this is the one I have left.

Hannah comes out of the bathroom with her doll holding its pant in her fingertips with a disgusted look on her face and says to me:
"Mommy, my doll just pooed all in her pants. It's gross. You should wash them."

Hannah zooms past me with a shopping cart full to the brim with assorted dolls and stuffed animals. I ask, "Hannah, where are you going?"
Hannah - "Mommy, I have to take all of these guys to the doctors really fast."
Me - "Why? What happened to them?"
Hannah - "They all have eye infections and they all throwed up all over the livingroom. I'll clean it up when I get back."

A day with Landon -According to Grace

Grace documented our day with Landon with her digital camera.

Life at our Tim Hortons

The girls newest game is playing drive-thru in their little house with the window on the side. This scares me on many levels, yet it is funny to watch and they have great imaginations. My concerns is this, we don't really go to drive-thrus/fast food that much, yet the experience of the odd Saturday morning coffee has left such an impression. It makes me wonder what other impressions they are left with. I mean we've also taken them to give toys to charity, but their not playing that out in make-believe. I guess in the end it's the chocolate timbits fault. Saturday morning coffee is often accompanied by 2 chocolate timbits. Giving toys and food to charity gives the satisfaction of having helped others which probably doesn't have as much meaning to a three year old as a chocolate timbit does. Although I hope one day it will.
Here's a little snippit from the our Tim Hortons drivethru:

Hannah: What do you want?
Grace: Two double-doubles?

Hannah: What do you want?
Me: I'll have a large coffee?
Hannah: Okay, here's your Dora bandaids, your chocolate donuts and the toy for your Happy Meal.

I guess the whole ordering process is a little redundant when Hannah is on shift.