Happy Birthday to Me!!

Well I had a great birthday! Thanks to the Woo Hoos, Adam, Hannah and Grace, and my Mom, Stac and Jer for the celebrations.


I could be wrong, but I'm going to say that Grace comes by the "Couch Potato" honestly!

Back to cold wagon rides

Well, for a few days we enjoyed long family walks in the wagon after dinner because it was so warm, now we're back to shorter, colder wagon rides with lots of layers.

How quick they learn...

The other night Hannah was watching a cartoon and the characters were golfing. She pointed at the screen and said, "Daddy"! (I swear I didn't teach her that!)

Grace the Couch Potato

I keep catching Grace in the funniest, couch potato positions!

Our Getaway

Adam and I went to the Idlewyld Inn in London for an overnight stay a few weekends ago. We enjoyed great wine, 5 course meals, and chocolates on our pillows for one incredible night - and then we left and rejoined the real world.
Thanks Drew and Kate for realizing how much we needed a getaway!

Things they are doing and saying

No picture this time, just an update of what the girls are up to.

Words - 'Hi', 'Bye-Bye' (accompanied by a wave), 'duck', 'light', 'Ma' (that's me), and 'Daddy' (yes, Adam gets two syllables to my one).
Hannah does a lot of pointing at what she wants.
She's getting really mobile and has escalated to what I like to call "All Terrain Scooching". She scooches on her bum over any obstacle in her path and up on top of things. No standing yet, but Adam and I think she's beginning to show some interest my holding onto things above her and raising her bum off the floor.

Words - 'Hi', 'Hi, Daddy', 'flower'. Grace talks a lot and points at stuff, but it's not always clear which word she is saying.
Grace likes to go into the cupboards and get herself a snack even though I say 'no'. Goldfish crackers are her special favourite!

All the Way from Thailand

Here are the girls wearing silk robes brought all the way from Thailand by Kara and Rich.

Eating with Spoons

I think I mentioned before that the girls are now eating with utensils, well here is the photo evidence.


I put this picture on because it represents the differences between Hannah and Grace's personalities very well.

Hannah - Inquisitive, pointing to something (most likely the Squirrel book up on the shelf).
Grace - Laughing and happy all of the time.

Both have their advantages and we're so thankful to have both.