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Our Christmas 2008

Christmas - According to Hannah

The girls both got those new digital cameras for kids this Christmas! I don't know who's more excited, them or me. Downloading the pictures they take is like walking in their shoes! I've included the highlights of Christmas Day from Hannah's point of view.
1. The flatware.
2. Mommy cooking.
3. The stockings hung up.
4. Grace about to destroy the wall. (I think this was meant more as a blackmail photo for later use.)
p.s. No walls were destroyed.

Patheon Christmas Party

The girls really enjoyed Patheon's Kids Christmas Party this year. They had their faces painted as Unicorns, jumped in the blow up castle, got balloon hats, gifts, and pictures with Santa. This is the first year that Hannah was actually willing to participate in the picture with Santa although it did take some advance discussion. Finally she agreed that she would be in the picture, but would not sit on his knee, only stand in front of his legs. I'm not partial to making children sit on strange people's knees, so I didn't force the issue. What I've concluded from this experience - Hannah is going to be one heck of a negotiator one day.

Christmas Tree Hunting and Decorating

Christmas Concert

Here is the video of the girl's Daycare Christmas Concert. They were dressed as Christmas Cakes. What was the most amazing to Adam and I is how much they've changed in one year. They actually followed some choreography this year!


Jamaica...the land of rum and sunshine! Adam and I have just returned from a week there for my cousin's wedding. You haven't quite seen a wedding until you've seen one on a beach at sunset. And you haven't really had jerk chicken until you've had it from a hut on the beach with no floor (health inspector, what?), it was delicious! And you haven't really lived until you've swung from a tarzan rope into a seven tier waterfall (yes, we actually did that!)


Hallowe'en was great this year. We had two beautiful unicorns and we made it nearly all the way around the block before Hannah got tired. I think Grace would have kept on Trick or Treating until dawn!

Friend Thanksgiving

We had a Friends Thanksgiving this weekend because we couldn't fit it into our regular Thanksgiving weekend. Here are some pictures of the highlights - Gracie and her new pumpkin hat from Uncle Ben, birthday presents from Auntie Deb, and of course, playing the Wii (Adam's newest toy!!)

A New Year a New Look

I think the title speaks for itself.

What will happen to the Easy Bake Oven?

The girls just got an Easy Bake Oven. It was a little nostalgic for both Adam and I as we helped them make their $7 miniature cakes because both of us had an Easy Bake oven when we were young (granted ours did not look like a microwave, more like an oven). Anyway, because they got the oven second-hand I suggested to Adam that he should go and get a replacement 100 watt light bulb (because that is what powers it) just in case this one wasn't working (we only have the spirally kind in the house). He couldn't find one. He only went to one or two stores, but still. And so I ask, "What will become of the Easy Bake oven?" I don't know if solar panels can get hot enough to bake a cake in 12 minutes, but I saw a clock on Breakfast Television today that runs off of salt and water so anything is possible.

A few photos I promised to post

Uncle Larry posing.

Me! I'm usually the one taking the pictures.

My Mom and my Gran (who just turned 97 on Monday)

A few shots I promised

Adam and Hannah at Chuck E Cheese

Cousin Shane and Michelle

Cousin Nigel

Auntie teasing Adam

It was a very busy birthday weekend for us all. The girls went to their friend Meredith's 3rd birthday at Chuck E Cheese. I'll post some pictures from there too. Chuck E Cheese made a guest appearance as he always does for Birthdays and Hannah started screaming. So note to self - no Chuck E Cheese birthdays for Hannah for awhile.
Later that day was my Cousin Adam's wedding. I'll also post some pictures from that.
The next day was the family party for Hannah and Grace. It was a Disney princess theme (Grace's choice). Thank you to everyone who shared the day with the girls and for your generosity!
The next day was the girls party at Daycare. It was a Dora theme (Hannah's choice). Thank you so much to Sister Flora for taking so many wonderful pictures!

Happy 3rd Birthday Hannah and Grace!!

Special times with Baba

I think they were cleaning vegetables that they had picked in Baba and Popi's garden. Crazy Baba and Popi who go to Cuba during Hurricane season ... we'll be glad to have them back home safely.

Our Day at the Ex

We decided to venture out again this year to the Ex. And we decided to take the GO Train because the girls are always talking about trains so we thought they'd get a kick out of it. We were right; however, we probably could have just taken the GO Train from Oshawa to Pickering and back again and called it a day and they would have been just as happy. In case you're wondering...Grace refused to pose in front of the fountain for a picture, but Hannah was happy to oblige.

Light at the end of the tunnel

Well, I'd say we're over the hill and on the easier downward slope of potty training. We're at 6 days of accident free for both girls. Which is great with their 3rd birthday coming up this Sunday.