Christmas 2007

It was a wonderful third christmas with the girls! This year was especially enjoyable for Adam and I because the girls understood about Santa coming to bring presents and they liked tearing the paper off. It's funny how different they are...
Hannah opened each gift and wanted to either play with or try on whatever was given. She changed outfits 3 times that morning!
Grace tore the paper off and moved onto the next one.
My big focus this year was getting them to say "Thank you" to everyone who gave them something. They did very well! But let me add this additional "Thank you" to everyone who thought of us during this holiday season. We really enjoyed your company and all the food!

The Christmas Tree

Due to the massive snow storm last Sunday, we did not go as a family to get our Christmas tree this year. Adam braved the elements to bring us back a beautiful tree which we then decorated. The girls really got into the spirit this year! Grace lasted about 2 minutes before she got interested in other things, but Hannah handed me every ornament until we were done. I'll have to take a picture to show you the finished product.

More Landon

We babysat for Landon a few weekends ago for a few hours while my sister and Jer went to his work Christmas Party. It was scary how easy it was to take care of a 3 week old when you are well rested and have had twins.
Adam - "Don't even think about it, Tara".