A Really Cute Moment

Last night Hannah and Grace were sitting on the couch watching 'Go Diego Go' (Grace's favourite show) and when I came back into the room from the kitchen they had moved into the middle of the couch and we're hugging each other while they watched the show. So Cute!

Thanks Auntie Stac

Adam and I would like to thank my sister Stacey for buying the really annoying, loud popping toy pictured above. Grace especially likes to just pick it up and hit the tile floor with it like a stick! We only have one thing to say; "What goes around comes around"...

Hannah's New Favourite Book

This is Hannah's new favourite book. She totally amazed us when she first got it because when you ask her where almost any object in the book is she can point to it. It's amazing how many words she understands even though she doesn't say them! Her favourites are "duck" and "teddy bear".