Murder Mystery

The Killer - Leelawati (a.k.a. Sherry)
The Prim and Proper Mary (a.k.a. Kate) P.s. ignore the martini, Mary doesn't drink.
The Meterologist (a.k.a Mary)
The Female Crocodile Dundee (a.k.a Deb)

The heiress (a.k.a Cort)

Leonie - mother of 15 children (a.k.a Nancy)

Jillaroo - doesn't the picture speak for itself? (a.k.a Mac)

Angie the Biker Chick (a.k.a Donna) molesting the fashion model (a.k.a Me)

The biker chick scaring my neighbours children!

The rest is in the dome of silence - Woo Hoo!

Auntie Update

The first ultrasound has confirmed that I will be an Auntie, Adam will be an Uncle, and Hannah and Grace will be Cousins on December 2, 2007. Yeah!!!


And Adam is going to be an Uncle, and Hannah and Grace are going to be Cousins! My sister and Jer are pregnant and I've been bursting not being able to tell anyone, but now I can so I thought I'd put it on the Internet!!! (Sorry Stac) I will get some belly pictures to put on soon.

Hannah's Newest Word...

"Idonknow", accompanied by a shrug.

Bike Riding sort of.

TA DA!!!!!!!

I've finally taken a picture of the Jetta in the daylight. Here it is for all of you who were waiting.


Not only does Hannah like to look like her sister Grace, she likes to sound like everyone else! We have now entered the Mimic Phase. When Adam and I are talking we now hear a little high pitched echo of random words we've said coming from the back seat, the living room, the high chair...wherever Hannah happens to be.