Beijing 2008 Here I Come

Grace is the Jolly Jumping champion of Bowmanville if not the nation! Look forward to seeing her in at the 2008 Summer Olympics.

University Bound

Hannah and Grace had their first day of University this past Thursday (the baby reading group at the library is really paying off!) In actuality they went to visit Auntie Deb at work and bask in the admiration of the entire Mobile Computing department. As much as they liked their visit to University the girls have assured me that they will wait at least another 17 1/2 years before going for real so Adam and I can save up.

Cabbage head

The Canadian Baby Photographers graced our home today and proceeded to put Grace and Hannah into a big basket of plastic vegetables and put fake cabbage leaves on their heads. Grace thought it was hilarious and started laughing her head off, but Hannah would have no part of it. We'll have to see how the pictures turn out; I'm sure they'll be as cute as this one (just to clarify, the babies up above are not Hannah and Grace. I have no idea who they are, but they have cabbage leaves on their heads).


The girls have been entertaining over the last few weekends and wanted me to tell Uncle Ben, Uncle Nigel, Auntie Gail, Nanny and Grandpa how much they enjoyed visiting with them. Up above is a picture of them visiting with Uncle Jeremy (my sister's boyfriend).

Photo Gallery

Here are some more super cute photos (if you ignore Adam and I and just look at the girls).

Learning to Share

Not to be out done (Independence III)

Grace recently decided that she did not like Hannah getting all of the Independence Limelight and stole the show by holding her own bottle. Now I have two hands free, but no idea what to do with them.