New Wheels

This is Hannah and Grace's brand new wagon (complete with it's own umbrella, seat belts and drink holders) which we gave a test run at the zoo a few weeks ago.


Hannah took her first assisted step the other night (by assisted I mean I was holding her hands for balance)! Our sense of relief is so profound! You try not to think about it, but subconsciously we were living in a state of constant worry that there may have been something wrong that was preventing her from standing. Now our prayers are answered and we can sit back and witness the miracle of a child's first steps again!!

A visit to the Farm

Adam took Hannah and Grace to Papa's farm today. I don't have pictures, but apparently Hannah is terrified of cows! In books she points at them and says "Moo", but real live cows are a whole different story I guess.

2007 Easter Bonnets from Grandpa

Well, here they are... the 2007 Easter hats from Grandpa!
Phil, you'll be happy to know that they wanted to wear them to Daycare today now that the paper cut crisis is over.

Grace's Easter Bonnets Past and Present

Past (remember this one from last year)
Present (what a difference a year makes!)

Easter 2007

Happy Easter to us; Hannah is starting to stand!! You can see her here standing against the couch to get some eggs! She's a little late getting started, but better late than never.

Here's Grace enjoying her eggs too. She liked them even better once she realized that they opened and there were Gold Fish crackers inside!! Sorry, no chocolate yet.