Tree Hunting; don't worry we have a license

All dressed up AND somewhere to go...

You see, even the parents of twins can put on a tie and some make-up and act civilized. Adam and I went to my Company Party. A very nice evening out.

Pig Tails

Just cause it's cute!


We would like to say a HUGE congratulations to our brother Drew who asked the wonderful person sitting beside him in this photo, Kate, to marry him and she said 'YES'! We're so excited to make Kate (hereafter, Auntie Kate) a part of our family.

Kids Christmas Party

Well, it was an interesting Kids Christmas Party for us this year. Hannah was not feeling well and spent the entire party being held by Popi. Grace on the other hand represented! She got her nose painted (pictured above), got a balloon flower from a clown, watched Mommy on the spinning ride, and screamed on Santa's knee. All in all, a full day!

Buffalo from Buffalo!!!

Here we are in Buffalo! Thanks to Deb we also have the cutting edge of technology in our hotel room and can update the blog! WOO HOO!

Special Times with Daddy (Past and Present)

A little lesson about Sharing

We got Grace and Hannah a little fold out couch to sit on and drink their juice because they are too big for the bouncy chairs. Hannah quickly decided that no one was allowed to sit on the couch with her.

Except maybe Dolly.

This is the point at which the lesson about sharing came in, and now the "Juice Couch" is communal.

Happy Hallowe'en

Everyone's been asking, "How cute were Hannah and Grace in theire Hallowe'en costumes?" Well, judge for yourself! Pretty darn cute. We didn't go out trick or treating this year. It seemed a little premature considering that they don't really walk, talk or eat candy (all requirements of Trick or Treating). So they put their costumes on an helped give other kids candy. We'd like to say an extra special "thank you" to Unkie dRew and Kate for the little pumpkins!

Babies on the Move!!!

Grace can walk!!! She is taking four steps (unassisted) and then face diving into the person/furniture she is trying to get to! We figure it is only a matter of days before she's going right across the room; her feet are going faster than the rest of her at this point.

Hannah is determined not to be left behind. Since she began going to Lisa's house the other kids (who can all crawl/walk) have been pushing her to step (no pun intended) it up a bit. She has become the queen of all 'skoochers'. What's a 'skoocher'? A baby that moves around by sliding around on their bum. Believe it or not it is a very effective means of transportation. Hannah can get from one end of the room to the other this way. She has also been standing (assisted). We're so proud of them both!!

It's been a crazy month

Sorry for the long absence. There just doesn't seem to be enough hours in the day, so the blog gets pushed to the side. However, we know that some of you check it religiously so here is a new photo to welcome you to this VERY cold Fall (Hannah and Grace are already wearing their parkas).

I'm a big girl now!

Here are Hannah and Grace eating real turkey dinners for thanksgiving! What a difference a year makes!

Asian Adventure

For those of you who know Kara and Rich and want to keep up on the highlights from their GREAT ASIAN ADVENTURE (that's not what they call it, I made it up), they are now linked to our blog on the right hand side of the screen under links!

Happy Thanksgiving

Have a very Happy Thanksgiving/Turkey Day, which ever you celebrate from our family to yours.


We would like to wish the BIGGEST, HAPPIEST Happy Birthday to our best friend and auntie - DEB!!! May today and everyday we filled with good things.
P.S. What happens on your birthday, do we eat store bought cake? Somehow that just seems wrong!

I'm the only one traumatized...

This morning I took the girls to Lisa's house (their caregiver) for a dress rehearsal before going back to work. I anticipated them reaching for me with tear filled eyes as I walked out the door and having my "Mother's Guilt Meter" hit 100%. The reality was that they wouldn't even look away from the toys they were playing with long enough to acknowledge my goodbyes and kisses. When I got home after dropping them off, Monty greeted me at the door with bright eyes and a wagging tail...someone still loves me;)

Hannah's First Work of Art

Hannah was painting today (with a brush and everything) for the first time and here is her masterpiece! Where's Grace's you say? Do you really think I could get her to sit still long enough to paint?!

New Wheels!!!!

Thanks Popi!

A Whole Year has Passed

Well, it's with damp eyes and a heavy heart that I am publicly acknowledging the fact that this is my last week at home with the girls. I return to work on Monday, October 2nd. It has been both the longest and shortest year of my life. Being at home with young children (especially two, which severly limits your mobility) can be so isolating. But in the last month I've met a group of Moms in Bowmanville and we do something together every other day and the girls are so much more active's almost like I'm leaving them just when they are becoming so much fun! I could use any words of advice or encouragement that you have to offer...?

Happy Birthday Ben (a day late)!

The Perrin Family would like to wish a very happy birthday to our great friend Ben (the guy second from the left in the red and white jersey)! I apologize for the picture, Ben, but it is the only digital picture we have of you. We wish you all the best.

Happy 80th Birthday Grandpa Perrin

On Sunday we took a drive up to Bancroft to visit with Grandpa Perrin and celebrate his 80th birthday (which is actually today).

1st Birthday Party and Dedication

This past Saturday we held the girls 1st Birthday Party and Dedication at our house. It was quite a crowd, but everyone seemed to have a good time. We'd like to take this opportunity to thank all of you for coming and sharing the special day with us.

Hannah vs. the cake

Grace vs. the Cake

WE'RE ONE!!!!!!!!

Today was Hannah and Grace's First Birthday!!! The big party is on Saturday, but we took them to the Metro Zoo to celebrate their big day! Grace reached another milestone today; she is now in a front facing car seat. We took them to the doctors yesterday for their 12 month check up and found out that Grace was 21lbs. 4oz. and 30 inches long while Hannah is 18 lbs. 8oz. and 29 1/2 inches long. What an incredible year it has been!!!!

New digs for Connectrix

Connectrix (Adam's business for those that don't know) now has a great new office! I took some pictures of it on the weekend, but none really do it justice so I thought I'd stick with a picture of Hannah and Grace because they are always good. Here they are sitting in their Daddy's new office.
Well, look who has legs after all. Yes, Hannah can stand. She doesn't like to, but she can do it!

New Year, New Look

Why the new look you ask? Well, on September 14th Hannah and Grace will be 1!!!!!!! Which also means that I am returning to work soon (October 2nd to be exact). I figure a new year/chapter in our lives warrants a new blog template, don't you?

Fun Visits with Family

Patty Cake with Great Gran.
Snuggling with Cousin Kel.
Puzzles with Cousin Nigel.