Fun Visits with Family

Patty Cake with Great Gran.
Snuggling with Cousin Kel.
Puzzles with Cousin Nigel.

Who's really running the business?


Hannah has learned how to feed her dolly.
The girls first time on the swings at the park.

We call her Bruiser

Grace is learning to stand and walk on her own and had a couple of tumbles. But she keeps on trying...she's stubborn like her Mother.

In Loving Memory of my Aunt Barb who lost her battle with cancer on August 19, 2006. Wife, Mother, Sister, Daughter, Aunt, Confidante and Best Friend. Don't wait until tomorrow because you never know what is just around the next bend.

Happy Birthday Gail!

I would like to take this opportunity to wish a very happy birthday to my former friend Gail. I say former because I just put a picture of her in an antler helmet on the internet.

It's Official

It's official; Grace can now crawl. I was holding off on announcing anything until she could actually go forward up on all fours, but there is no denying it now. She is getting into stuff that I didn't even know was there every second so I have to do the crawl on my hands and knees and look around thing to safety proof everything.

The tooth count is now 8 to 2 for Grace, but surprisingly enough, Hannah has an easier time eating her food without choking than Grace does! I guess Grace is just eating too fast because she wants to get back on the floor to explore.

The picture is of Grace totally pooped out after all the crawling.

Buffalo Revisited

I never did give the Buffalo highlights. So here goes... JC PENNEY is the winner of the "Store that Caused the Most Damage" award. I am basing this merely on the number of bags alone. My personal award for "Best Buy" goes to Kmart who had cases of 92 Huggies diapers (Size 4) for $20US plus you got a free tub of wipes with each case purchased. Considering that the same case goes on sale here for $24CDN with no wipes, that was a deal. Anyway, when we got across the border coming back without anyone searching the truck we were deliriously happy!

Another Belated Birthday

During the whole computer transition that took place in July I wasn't posting to the blog and consequently we missed a very important birthday. So, here's wishing Happy Belated Birthday to Baba (actual birthday July 14th)!
P.S. Donna there aren't nearly enough pictures of you with the girls. Look how far back I had to go to get one of you and Grace. Let's work on that.

Welcome Home Daddy!

Hannah was awfully happy to see Adam come home from Florida. There is nothing quite like coming home and seeing a smile that big light up just for you. Speaking of coming home to smiles; I am escaping to Buffalo overnight this weekend (thanks Donna and Mac) so it will be just Daddy and his girls for a whole 48 hours!!! I'll post the shopping highlights and how Adam faired when I return. Have a great long weekend everyone!!

Happy Belated Birthday Nigel!

Here's wishing a very happy birthday (although it's one day late) to Nigel from all of us (that Grace he's holding by the way; a much smaller Grace).

Three days with Auntie Tay-Tay

This past Sunday to Wednesday Taylor came down from Kingston to spend a few days of real quality time with the girls and I. I loved having her company and help, especially since Adam was away in Florida. Taylor was also our first official houseguest and she and I learned a lot about each other. Specifically, after helping me take care of two 10 month olds for 3 days she is not having children until she is "really really old, like, 30" (her words) and Matthew McConnaughy is the cutest (even though he's really really really old);) Here are some of the photo highlights.