Kids Christmas Party

Well, it was an interesting Kids Christmas Party for us this year. Hannah was not feeling well and spent the entire party being held by Popi. Grace on the other hand represented! She got her nose painted (pictured above), got a balloon flower from a clown, watched Mommy on the spinning ride, and screamed on Santa's knee. All in all, a full day!

Buffalo from Buffalo!!!

Here we are in Buffalo! Thanks to Deb we also have the cutting edge of technology in our hotel room and can update the blog! WOO HOO!

Special Times with Daddy (Past and Present)

A little lesson about Sharing

We got Grace and Hannah a little fold out couch to sit on and drink their juice because they are too big for the bouncy chairs. Hannah quickly decided that no one was allowed to sit on the couch with her.

Except maybe Dolly.

This is the point at which the lesson about sharing came in, and now the "Juice Couch" is communal.

Happy Hallowe'en

Everyone's been asking, "How cute were Hannah and Grace in theire Hallowe'en costumes?" Well, judge for yourself! Pretty darn cute. We didn't go out trick or treating this year. It seemed a little premature considering that they don't really walk, talk or eat candy (all requirements of Trick or Treating). So they put their costumes on an helped give other kids candy. We'd like to say an extra special "thank you" to Unkie dRew and Kate for the little pumpkins!