Independence II

Hannah has now decided that she doesn't need me to feed her. In fact, if she takes the spoon from me and puts it in her own mouth, she can smear cereal all over her face, bib, hands, hair, etc.

This is just a cute photo of the girls playing together.

I wish I could sew...

I've volunteered to cut out little preemie pyjamas for SickKids Hospital. There are little babies in the nursery that do not fit into any baby clothes because they are so small. I know just how that feels for the parents because Gracie was too small for anything but doll clothes at one point. Unfortunately all I can do is cut out the pyjamas because they have to be serged in a special way so that the seams are soft - I don't know how to do that. If anyone is interested in helping out let me know and I'll give you the contact info. for the program.

Gummy McGoo

You'll probably all think that we are awful parents for making fun of our children, but the picture above is a face that Grace has been making lately - she pulls her lips into her mouth. It's hilarious! We call her "Gummy McGoo" when she does it.

No more frozen cream!

For those of you who know about our ongoing war with the Sears Home Appliance Service - we now have a fridge that does not freeze everything! No more defrosting the cream so we can have coffee in the morning.

Double Teamed

Here 's Auntie Deb walking a mile in my shoes on Saturday night... she was "double teamed" (as we like to call it) by both girls wanting to eat at the same time. I did help her eventually, but had to stop and snap a picture first!

Wings and Trivial Pursuit

Well, it was an exciting Saturday night down at the Perrin's! Wings from the Wing It machine and Trivial Pursuit 90s Addition. The teams were Deb and Christian, Nigel and I, and Adam and Grace (Hannah was not being cooperative). Well, it was a furious battle but none of us could beat Adam and Grace (now his head is even bigger than ever).


Well, it's happened! That first step on the path of Mom becoming completely redundant! Hannah now prefers to hold her own bottle! While the logical side of my brain is telling me that this is great (it's not easy to feed two babies at the same time); my heart is both bursting with pride and wishing they would stay small forever.

First Trip to the Library

Hannah and Grace now officially have little baby friends (other than each other). We joined the "Baby on my Knee" storytime group at the library (or in my case "Babies on my Knees"). So every Friday morning from 11:15 to 11:45 a group of over anxious Moms trying to (as Hepworth would say) raise "super children" gather together to have their babies listen to stories that they pay no attention to at all. The entire session consists of babies crawling around and poking each other while the Moms try to get in a precious few minutes of adult conversation. The unfortunate person in all of this is the poor librarian who is frantically trying to entertain the babies using puppets etc. I'm sure she keeps a flask of something in her desk. But of course, we'll keep going; I think I read somewhere that Albert Einstein's mother took him to Baby Storytime...

Look out Bull Dog, here comes Adam!

On Sunday night Adam pulled out the "Wing It" machine that dRew got him for Christmas for the first time. He then informed me that this is a "man" thing and shooed me from the kitchen. They turned out great, but spicy. He's perfecting the art so that he can make them for the girls.

No more needles please!!!

Today the girls went to the doctor for their 4 month vaccinations! Nothing melts your heart like seeing those big bright eyes well up with tears.
I think the girls might be telepathic because the second that Hannah got the needle (before she cried out even) Grace started screaming at the top of her lungs. Go figure!
Anyway, both girls are healthy and developing well. Hannah is taller than Grace incidentally (Hannah is 23 inches long and Grace is 22). Grace weighs 13 lbs. 1 1/2 ounces and Hannah weighs 12 lbs. 4 ounces.

They Rolled!!!

Today was a banner day! First Grace rolled for the first time from her stomach onto her back and I missed it. I had turned around to get the video camera and she did it! We have some great footage of me squealing like a lunatic! And then this evening... Hannah rolled. She wasn't even close to rolling this afternoon. I guess it's true that twins tend to hit all of their milestones at the same time.

Our First Post!

Welcome to the Perrin family blog!
This will be a place that chonicles the lives of Adam, Tara, Hannah and Grace Perrin. Special appearances will also be made by Montella Burns-Perrin.
Hope you stop by often, and please don't be afraid to leave comments, as it is Tara's only contact with the outside world.