Thanks for a Good Lunch Mom!

This wa a particularly messy lunch!

Two Down a Million to go!

Well, we've painted two rooms in the house (not an easy feat with two babies); the mainfloor powder room and the Dining room. Only 7 more and a lot of hallway to go!

Blasts from the past

It's hard to believe that they were ever this small.
Hannah is on the right and Grace on the left.

Congratulations Again!

The Perrins would like to congratulate our good friends Jim, Gail, Cody and Victoria who will be moving into their brand new beautiful home next month.
I don't know if this picture is the right one of their new home, but it looks a lot like it.
We're so happy for you!

Here Come the Teeth!

This isn't a very clear picture, but Grace has two little teeth peeking through her lower gums.

Starting to look a lot more alike!

I don't know what the rest of you think, but throw a head of hair on Grace and the two of them would look an awful lot alike.

What a Mess!

Hannah eating her first baby cookie.

Up Where The Action Is

Hannah and Grace now sit up well enough to use their high chairs!

Congratulations Stac!

Congratulations to my wonderful and very hard working sister who has been promoted to Sales Manager! You deserve it. Stac's first duty as Manager was to serve Adam who came in to buy shoes; he only sent her to the backroom 7 or 8 times! Anyway, thanks for the discounted shoes and your patience.

Two Little Snowbabies

For those of you who are unsure; Hannah is on the left and Grace on the right.

Thanks for a wonderful day!

Hannah and Grace would like to thank Auntie Tay Tay for spending such a great day with them on Saturday.

Look out Hugh Hefner

Here are Hannah and Grace sporting their stylish new big girl bathrobes.

Our Little Easter Bonnets

Thanks for the new hats Grandpa!!