Cute Moments - Hannah

Whenever Gracie calls: "Hannah!"

Hannah says, "Yes, my Gracie Pie".

My Little Landon

It's been awhile since I posted about my favourite little guy. He's getting so big.

Another Vegas Adventure was "another" trip to Vegas for me anyway. Adam goes so often that if I didn't know better I'd think he had another family there. I realized when I attempted to write this post that I took the worst pictures on vacation. All I have to show for my trip is the pictures above of us in a stretch Hummer and a photo from the Hoover Dam. Our co-travellers are sending us some pictures so perhaps they'll be an improvement. But we were there and it was 30 degrees and we stayed at the Bellagio - fantastic!!

Adam's Latest Toy

Being a woman, I don't understand the need for the largest BBQ that they sell at the store, but some of you reading this might.

Dressing up some more

More dressing up. Don't ask me what they're supposed to be in these pictures!

Dressing Up

One of Hannah and Grace's favourite things to do is dress up. In these shots they were being Princesses.

We're so far behind

Sorry for the huge delay. Here's our first snow man. Hannah named him "Frosty". Lots of fun for everyone until the snow melted and I had to explain where Frosty went...