Happy Birthday Auntie Stac!

Sunday July 30th was my sister's 25th birthday! We had a BBQ for her. Here are a few pictures. Grace is with Great Auntie and Hannah is with Cousin Nigel. Stac was really happy even though you can't tell from this picture.

A Visit from Crazy Uncle Brook

Saturday morning we had waffles with Brook. He really liked the foam puzzle! That's Grace with the block hat on for any of you who need to see hair to know for sure.

We miss you Daddy!

Adam left this morning for Florida. This is the first business trip that he has been on since before the girls were born. They just want him to know how much they miss him already.

A finished house - finally!

Here is a photo of our finished house. Specifically, we now have grass, a driveway, porch railings and everything is painted. It was worth the wait!

My Apologies

I apologize to all you faithful blogwatchers out there who have been wondering if we fell off the face of the planet. We are still here, but we switched computers and it has taken a while to get back into the swing of things. Anyway, here is a picture to hold you.

Just a crazy picture of Hannah

Becoming a Trio

Learning to play the piano with Mommy is part of the daily routine in the Perrin house (we're at the 'random banging of keys' level right now).

Canada Day Cottage Getaway

Happy Birthday Canada! To celebrate this Canada Day Adam and I went up to Ben's cottage overnight sans babies. My Mom ("Grandma") watched the girls for us and Monty had a sleepover at Popi's house. Thanks to all our various "sitters" for the night away.

We would also like to take this opportunity to wish my Mom a very Happy Birthday tomorrow (July 4th)!