Back to School ... and blogging

Twas the night before SK and all through the house... Just kidding. The girls are excited to go back to school. We just found out they are in separate classes so that took a bit of discussion, hopefully everything works out okay come morning. It's sort of weird, they never do anything apart, but I think those times are coming. Grace in starting Timbits skating/hockey in October and Hannah isn't interested so more separation...
Hannah told us yesterday that she has changed her mind about being Hannah Montana when she grows up. She'd rather just be a Mommy. I was going to launch into my "you can be a Mommy and have a career speech", but decided to just let this one ride. One Hannah Montana in the world is probably enough...

It's been a really busy summer...

Friends Birthday Parties

Sailing on Grandpa's Boat

Another 1/4 Marathon Finished

Weddings (lots of weddings!)

We've been so busy this summer between working, weddings (we've now attended 3 of the 4), birthday parties, family visits, midterm exams (for me), 1/4 marathons (for Adam), Jack and Jill Planning (for Ben and Rachel), ballet classes, and more; that we haven't been sharing it via the blog. We hope to do better in the Fall.

The cake the girls made me for Mother's Day

Mini Me

Hannah loves to write. By writing I don't mean composing stories, just writing letters that may or may not spell words. So when I was working on some charts for a Leadership Seminar I was facilitating the next day, Hannah wrote everything I wrote. She may not know the Principles of a Genuine Leader yet, but she has them all written down just in case!

Rome... Naples... Pompeii

What can I say to describe this experience... There are a few pictures loaded below, but a picture can hardly do Rome justice. You lose the size of everything; which is enormous and you lose the sense of time that you feel as you stand in the thick of it.
The highlights were the Sistine Chapel - so moving. St. Peter's Basilica - incredible. The Colosseum! The ruins of Pompeii - I definitely want to walk those streets again someday. Last, but not least - just sitting at a cafe in a piazza on a sunny day sipping wine or cappucino.

Rock Star Gracie

Gracie putting on a show for Gran and Hannah (tip: tableclothes make great curtains!)

A Visit to Nanny's House

Bring on Spring!

The girls love it when their cousin Landon comes over to play. He likes the dress up stuff too.
Grace was in the Clarington This Week (newspaper) on Friday. Click here to see her.

A Family Day visit to see Gran and Great Gran. The girls made Valentine cards complete with a chocolate heart for both Gran and Great Gran.
We have a new addition to the Things We Like section; the Jolly Phonics program. This is what the girls are doing at school and the rate at which they are learning to read it really incredible to us.

We spent a great Valentine's Day at the Ontario Science Centre. I hadn't been there since I was a kid so it was very nostalgic for me. The girls loved the Kids Space. Especially Hannah, who I quote said, "Daddy, I can't stop laughing!"

Skating in Kingston

School update

The girls are now in their second semester of JK and the real learning has begun. They are sounding out words and doing homework (above). The transformation from illiterate to literate is almost as amazing to me as watching them learn to speak was. This is a house that loves reading; it is rare that myself or Adam will be seen without a book, magazine, or website close at hand. So it is wonderful that the girls are now sharing in that.
This winter is all about the treadmill. We can run without fear of leaving the house and possibly freezing our lungs while they are still inside our bodies. We like it so much, that we've added it to our favourite things list on the left.

Happy New Year Everyone

Thank you to everyone for the cards, gifts and good wishes this holiday season! It was another wonderful Christmas with the girls. Some of our December highlights are below...

Chocolate milk and gingerbread cookies for Santa. The carrot is for the reindeer. The note is to tell Santa who the snack is from.

Hannah and Grace with this year's Christmas tree.

Going to get this year's tree.

Hannah and Grace in the Pom Pom dance at the Sisters' annual Christmas Pageant!