No Pictures of Mommy

For those of you who have questioned what I am doing during all these fun pictures of Adam and the girls, I'm probably folding laundry (while taking the picture). So here I am with my Gracie!

New Words

It's fitting that a post about the girls words contain a picture of them with their Daddy because all of their words seem to involve him.
They both say, "Bye, Daddy"(when he leaves); and "Daddy!!!"(when he comes home).
Grace says, "Dolly", "Dog".
Hannah says, "Oink", "Cat", "Duck".
Disclaimer: Of course their words aren't absolutely clear, but spend enough time with them and they say them often enough that you come to understand them.
Also, Hannah will point to her nose and mouth if you ask her where they are.
They're so smart!!(but I may be a little biased).

Here's your fix!

Here are the girls dressing up in Mommy's scarfs!

Spa Day

This past Saturday, I had a day at the spa with Donna and Kate. I have beautifully painted fingers and toes... Thanks Dennis!!


Okay, so I have been terrible at updating the blog in 2007, but I blame it entirely on "Lost". If you don't know what "Lost" is I have to assume you are living on the deserted island with the characters from "Lost". It is a show that has Adam and I completely entralled! We are watching the previous seasons so we can catch up to where it is on TV. I promise everyone that once we've caught up I'll download my camera and give you your 'Hannah and Grace' fix.

Happy New Year!!!

On Christmas Day the flu reared its ugly head in our house. First Grace, then Hannah and finally me. Adam has remained amazingly untouched, which is good because someone had to get us all juice and fluff our pillows. Here are two of the 'sickees', I was not in the mood to have my picture taken.

Our Second Christmas Together

The Swedish Santa hats were a big hit!!

Technical Difficulties

Sorry about the sideways pictures on the last post. I'm not quite sure why they are rotating themselves when they are uploading.