Baba's Birthday

For Donna's birthday this year we tried out something new. We took the girls golfing with us. They did really well! Not at actual golfing, but driving the golf cart and Grace did a bit of putting. The only thing I'd change is that next time I'll get a golf cart with a built-in potty!

Pictures from the Field Trip

I now have pictures of the field trip thanks to Sister Flora.

First Field Trip

I don't have any pictures but want to document the girls first school field trip! One more indicator for me that they will never be babies again:( It was to the Bowmanville Zoo on a School Bus (the girls were really excited about the bus). Unfortunately, I had to be in training today so I missed it and Adam went along instead.

A Day at Papa's Farm

The girls love the farm - lots of grass, sunshine, cows, HAY and getting to drive the truck for the first time!!!

Happy Birthday Mom

My Mom enjoying her birthday with all of her grandchildren.