A Wonderful Moment

Here's a great picture that Auntie Deb caught of Adam and Grace playing together.

Fabulous Birthday Surprise

Yesterday was my 28th birthday and my FABULOUS (and very intuitive) husband wisked me away overnight to Buffalo for a little shopping and a lot of SLEEP!!! Baba (Donna) and Auntie Deb stayed the night. Here is Donna finally giving into exhaustion (you'll notice that the girls are still awake). Leaving the girls overnight for the first time wasn't nearly as traumatizing as I thought it would be. THANKS for a much needed break!

Learning to read with Daddy

In this picture Hannah is showing real promise. What you don't see is her eating the book a few seconds later.

Hannah and Grace SUPER STARS!!!

I think these photos speak for themselves.

Hannah's New Ride

Hannah was sick of watching Grace in the Exercisor so we got her one too. Check out her new ride!!

The Perrin Girls

Here is a rare photo of all of the Perrin Girls laying in the livingroom - Hannah, Grace, Tara and Monty. Just in case you were wondering; no, a bomb did not go off in the family room.

Here's a cute one

Here is a super cute photo of Hannah when she was visiting with Auntie Cort last week.

An Angel in Lilac

Victory is Mine!

Well it was a fierce battle. There was some crying, some kicking, and throwing of toys, but the girls asked if I would please keep it down as they were trying to nap.

My Apologies

I have been informed that I have been inexcusably tardy at keeping up the blog. I choose to blame dRew Perrin and Nigel Mahon for giving Adam an MP3 player and a 1 Gig harddrive, so he is always hogging the computer. I will endeavour to do better in the future.

Twins Vs. Mom in the Naptime Showdown

Adam and I decided to insist that the girls have an afternoon nap each day because they have been extra cranky at night. So every afternoon this week it has been the Twins versus Mom. Who will prevail? Find out in a later installment of the Wonderful Adventures of Hannah Banana and Gracie Pie.