We can't believe they're writing!

Gracie's "G"s.
Hannah writing her name.

One of the most wonderful of the many things that the Sisters of St. Mary of Leuca have taught Hannah and Grace is to write. Adam and I were trying to remember when we learned to write and I think I was much older than 3. Of course the whole fine motor skills thing comes into it and that is evident - Grace finds it much more difficult than Hannah. The girls also know their letters and the sound of the letters so we are working very diligently as they are well on their way to being able to read soon. Grace walks around spelling out the words she sees on food containers etc.

Meeting Jorge the Turtle

Our friends Ben and Rachel brought their new pet turtle, Jorge over for the girls to meet. In this picture Hannah is feeding Jorge some cantaloupe.

Here is a video of the kids meeting Jorge the turtle.

Our favourite Games

I managed to catch two of the girls favourite pasttimes on camera - Tea Party and Pirates. Adam will probably not be happy with me about putting him in the feathery scarf belt onto the internet. By the way - the plastic golf clubs are supposed to be swords and I have no idea why one of the pirates has a baby...

Landon Update

Here's a shot of Landon and the girls and Adam with my Sister Stac. He is getting so big and talking non-stop, except no one knows what he is saying.