Well yesterday was the girls first day at their new Daycare Centre. Everything was going well until Hannah didn't want to take her backpack off at her cubby and the temper tantrum began! The Sisters (its a convent daycare) were very nice to her despite the fact that she was throwing her shoes. Anyway, we weathered that storm and I left. Only to be called at 3:20pm because Hannah had a fever of 103 degrees! So it was a worst case scenario type of day. Grace will give it another try today (don't know if Hannah will be better once she wakes or not). Wish them luck!

Some updated shots

For those of you who watch our blog from a far for an up-to-date glimpse of the girls. Here are a few recent ones.

First Picture of Stac pregnant

I'm hoping that this will be the first of many. I hardly have any pictures of myself pregnant (I was very anti camera at the time), but now I sort of regret it. So I told Stac I was going to take them and if she never wants to see them so be it!