CAW Picnic

This is our third year going to the GM Picnic. The girls have always been too young to really enjoy themselves there, until this year. This year, they went on rides, rode ponies, ate ice cream... and basically didn't want to leave!

Father's Day

A little belated, but here was our Father's Day. Complete with homemade sunvisor and cards.

Hannah Quote

"Mommy, my eyes are raining."

Our newest toy

Here's where Adam and I have been spending our time.

Adam's Birthday - Grace's Version

Here is Adam's Birthday party from Grace's perspective - CUPCAKES!!!!

Adam's Birthday - Hannah's Version

Here is Adam's birthday Party from Hannah's perspective - CUPCAKES and random pictures she took with my camera.

Adam's Birthday - My Version

We celebrated Adam's birthday on Saturday. Here is the party from my perspective - great friends, a handsome husband and a cupcake tree that the girls made for their Daddy.

Attention all Woo Hoos (you know who you are...)

Can you guess which store Grace is in? Here's a hint. It's one of my favourites. But what city is it in? Yes, that's right. The Wee Hees have finally been initiated...

Disclaimer: I apologize for using an inside joke on the blog when not everyone is a Woo Hoo. If you don't understand a word of what I just said above. That's okay.

Family Mass

The girls were part of the family mass honouring Mother Mary at daycare last weekend. There was a procession that they carried flowers in and then the mass. Many attempts were made to get a great picture of them all dressed up - this is the best I could do.