Our thoughts on JK

Well, we're three weeks into JK and here are our thoughts.
Number One - the girls love it. They didn't cry the first day and all they want to do is go back.
Number Two - it costs a fortune. Every time they come back from school I check their book bag and there is a note from the school which involves us paying for something. Considering we're only 3 weeks in, this could get expensive (remember everything is x 2).
Number Three - We have already noticed the girls learning new things which is wonderful.
Number Four - Their class goes to the library every day so they are really enjoying reading and we read their new books every night.

Thanks for a Great 4th Birthday

For all of you who helped us celebrate the girls 4th Birthday. Thanks so much for making it such a special one!
5 Days and counting until the 1st day of kindergarten...


The other day I was showing Hannah how to clean something and I said, "and the dirt is gone! See, it's magic!"

Her response (with one hand on her hip): "That's not magic Mommy. Magic is when Baba puts the stuff from the brown bottle into the white milk and make it chocolate. That's magic!"