Babies on the Move!!!

Grace can walk!!! She is taking four steps (unassisted) and then face diving into the person/furniture she is trying to get to! We figure it is only a matter of days before she's going right across the room; her feet are going faster than the rest of her at this point.

Hannah is determined not to be left behind. Since she began going to Lisa's house the other kids (who can all crawl/walk) have been pushing her to step (no pun intended) it up a bit. She has become the queen of all 'skoochers'. What's a 'skoocher'? A baby that moves around by sliding around on their bum. Believe it or not it is a very effective means of transportation. Hannah can get from one end of the room to the other this way. She has also been standing (assisted). We're so proud of them both!!

It's been a crazy month

Sorry for the long absence. There just doesn't seem to be enough hours in the day, so the blog gets pushed to the side. However, we know that some of you check it religiously so here is a new photo to welcome you to this VERY cold Fall (Hannah and Grace are already wearing their parkas).

I'm a big girl now!

Here are Hannah and Grace eating real turkey dinners for thanksgiving! What a difference a year makes!

Asian Adventure

For those of you who know Kara and Rich and want to keep up on the highlights from their GREAT ASIAN ADVENTURE (that's not what they call it, I made it up), they are now linked to our blog on the right hand side of the screen under links!

Happy Thanksgiving

Have a very Happy Thanksgiving/Turkey Day, which ever you celebrate from our family to yours.