Hands Down Our Favourite Photo! (well, so far)

Grace Can Stand!!!

Grace can now pull herself to standing! Oh no!

More Teeth on the Way

Hannah is finally getting teeth (two bottom ones) and Grace is getting two top ones to go with her bottom ones.

Welcome Andrew Laurin

For those of you who watch our blog and are friends with Ryan and Brenda we are pleased to announce that they are now (as of Saturday, June 24th) parents to a beautiful baby boy! We have linked their blog to ours so click the LaurinFamily link on the right side of our blog to see photos and get all the details.

First Father's Day

First off, I have to apologize to Adam because after Mother's Day I had pictures on here really fast and I've been a little tardy on the Father's Day pictures. Sorry Adam.

Fiscal Responsibility

Today the girls took their first step toward being fiscally responsible members of society. They opened bank accounts! (and then they chewed their debit cards).

A Long Overdue Visit

This past Monday the girls and I went to visit Naomi who was up visiting her parents in Oshawa. I had never met little Ben and she had never met Hannah and Grace. It was a shorter visit than I would have liked due to tired babies, but sweet none the less.

Daddy's Birthday Present!

Here are Hannah and Grace proudly displaying the Miffy t-shirt that they got their Daddy for his birthday. For those of you who don't know who Miffy is... she's a little clayanimation bunny from the Netherlands. She's cute and has a really catchy theme song which Adam sings constantly and consequently so does everyone he works with whether they've seen the show or not. Don't take my word for it. Get in the know by checking out Miffy's website; www.miffy.com (but don't listen to the song unless you want to sing it for the rest of your life).

Baby Therapy

Here's your daily dose of "Baby Therapy" (a phrase I've stolen from Deb). Hannah (SITTING BY HERSELF!!) and wearing a "big girl" barette in her hair. What happened to my babies?!!


The Perrin Girls are on the move. If you're looking for us we will be the navy blue blur driving by you in our new (new to us that is) Mazda MPV. So feel free to invite us out because we can come now. YEAH!

30th Birthday Bash

Last night was Adam's 30th Birthday Bash. A good time was had by all (even those of you who can't remember)! I'll let the pictures speak for themselves.