Christmas 2007

It was a wonderful third christmas with the girls! This year was especially enjoyable for Adam and I because the girls understood about Santa coming to bring presents and they liked tearing the paper off. It's funny how different they are...
Hannah opened each gift and wanted to either play with or try on whatever was given. She changed outfits 3 times that morning!
Grace tore the paper off and moved onto the next one.
My big focus this year was getting them to say "Thank you" to everyone who gave them something. They did very well! But let me add this additional "Thank you" to everyone who thought of us during this holiday season. We really enjoyed your company and all the food!

The Christmas Tree

Due to the massive snow storm last Sunday, we did not go as a family to get our Christmas tree this year. Adam braved the elements to bring us back a beautiful tree which we then decorated. The girls really got into the spirit this year! Grace lasted about 2 minutes before she got interested in other things, but Hannah handed me every ornament until we were done. I'll have to take a picture to show you the finished product.

More Landon

We babysat for Landon a few weekends ago for a few hours while my sister and Jer went to his work Christmas Party. It was scary how easy it was to take care of a 3 week old when you are well rested and have had twins.
Adam - "Don't even think about it, Tara".

What the girls are up to

This is just a quick post to mention what the girls are doing right now. They are both talking up a storm, however, they have not yet learned that you are supposed to listen to the other person and then respond so they talk at exactly the same time. I spend a lot of my time saying, "I'm sorry Sweetie, Mommy didn't hear you. Can you say it again?"

Hannah is clearly emerging as the "spokesperson" for the two of them. If you ask Grace a question, 9 times out of 10 Hannah answers for her, and then if you wait about 10 seconds Grace will answer for herself. The answers often do not match.

Hannah also always volunteers other people to do things. For example:

Me: "Who is going to clean up all these blocks on the floor?"
Hannah: "Mommy's turn."

Me: "Your bath is over, who is coming out?"
Hannah: "Gracie first."

They are both starting to grasp so many concepts. I find more and more that I am explaining things to them. Half of it they probably do not understand, but I do it anyway. On our way to Daycare each morning we see cows. If the cows aren't there, I tell the girls that they are still sleeping. The other morning it was dark out and Hannah asked me, "Sun still sleeping, Mommy?" I said "yes" because I didn't think we were ready for the earth's rotation discussion, but we'll get to it.

More Landon

Grace was really checking Landon out the other night. Hannah is curious about him, too, but didn't want her picture taken with him. They can both say his name. No post about Landon would be complete without a picture of the proud Mom and Dad.

Happy Hallowe'en (a month late!)

Hannah was not happy about me taking her picture in her costume. Also, she ended up having a fever and not going out Trick or Treating, but Grace went and brought back the candy which Hannah quickly took from her.

Now that they're two, they have to pull their weight!


We're so proud of our new and only nephew!
Landon Richard Edward Menard came into our lives on November 13th at 6 lbs. 15 oz. I've never been so proud of my sister, and that's saying a lot!

Way too much to catch up on, but here we go...

Here we are on Thanksgiving 2007!

Our Vegas Adventure!!!!

ROSS - Dress for Less; my favourite store!

The Shark Reef at Mandalay Bay - sharks so close you can touch them, except for the glass in the way!

The Forum Shops at Caesar's Palace - Yes, this is a mall!!!

New York New York Hotel - it really looks like the skyline. We voted this the coolest looking hotel from the outside.

The Mirage - that's where we stayed.

Just to prove that we were actually there. Here we are ready for a night on the town!

Birthday #2!!!!

It's hard to believe that Hannah and Grace are actually 2 years old!

And now some new pictures...

The saga continues...

That fever I mentioned Hannah having on her first day of daycare turned into a four day fever that was actually a kidney infection which resulted in Hannah and I spending 5 days in the hospital. Absolutely, 100%, a mother's worst nightmare to have to watch their child be tested and prodded. Don't get me wrong, everyone at the Children's Unit was incredible and very sensitive to the fact that Hannah is so young and was very scared. It was still the most difficult thing I've ever had to do though.


Well yesterday was the girls first day at their new Daycare Centre. Everything was going well until Hannah didn't want to take her backpack off at her cubby and the temper tantrum began! The Sisters (its a convent daycare) were very nice to her despite the fact that she was throwing her shoes. Anyway, we weathered that storm and I left. Only to be called at 3:20pm because Hannah had a fever of 103 degrees! So it was a worst case scenario type of day. Grace will give it another try today (don't know if Hannah will be better once she wakes or not). Wish them luck!

Some updated shots

For those of you who watch our blog from a far for an up-to-date glimpse of the girls. Here are a few recent ones.

First Picture of Stac pregnant

I'm hoping that this will be the first of many. I hardly have any pictures of myself pregnant (I was very anti camera at the time), but now I sort of regret it. So I told Stac I was going to take them and if she never wants to see them so be it!

Hannah's Imagination

Hannah loves to wear different hats lately. We call this one the "Witchy Witch" hat. Hannah says "Witchy Witch" and cackles like a witch. She also likes to wear her baseball cap on sideways; even to bed!! I'll try to get a picture of that too.

Building Towers with Great Gran

I love watching my Gran play with the girls! I have a video of Grace walking around with Great Gran's cane that I am going to try and upload (we'll see how it goes, Deb did the last one for me).

Helping Daddy

Crazy Grace

Grace decided to climb into the pool with all her clothes on!!!

What a busy weekend!

Dolly riding in the swing (she does everything that Hannah does!)

Adam and Drew in the backyard!

Hannah playing with a noisemaker at Adam's birthday dinner.

Hannah at Cody's baseball game.

Dolly (Gail's Mom) playing with Grace.

Here's a few of Hannah

Hannah has climbed up the stairs TWICE now!

Happy Birthday Daddy!!!

Happy Birthday to the best Daddy ever.

Murder Mystery

The Killer - Leelawati (a.k.a. Sherry)
The Prim and Proper Mary (a.k.a. Kate) P.s. ignore the martini, Mary doesn't drink.
The Meterologist (a.k.a Mary)
The Female Crocodile Dundee (a.k.a Deb)

The heiress (a.k.a Cort)

Leonie - mother of 15 children (a.k.a Nancy)

Jillaroo - doesn't the picture speak for itself? (a.k.a Mac)

Angie the Biker Chick (a.k.a Donna) molesting the fashion model (a.k.a Me)

The biker chick scaring my neighbours children!

The rest is in the dome of silence - Woo Hoo!