Grace the Monkey!

Just a crazy picture of Grace.

Candle Party

Thanks to everyone who came to my Candle Party on Tuesday. I really enjoyed the adult conversation!!

This will brighten a rainy day!

Two little orange creamsicles!!


I know what you're thinking, what's so exciting about some chunks of cement? To us they mean a driveway and some grass in the near future, so "Yeah Curbs!"

Mother's Day Gift

This is the rose bush that the girls gave me for Mother's Day. I'll plant it as soon as we have our grading done. Now the girls never have to worry about Mother's Day, they can just pick me a flower off of the bush!

1st Mother's Day

Happy First Mother's Day to me!!


Adam and I are members of an association for Parents of Multiple Births (DRPOMBA) and they had their Spring sale on Sunday. The girls got this car with a moving street scene on it. So far they've collectively run over 4 ambulances, numerous pedestrians, and 2 dogs. I think driver's Ed might be in order.

Sunny Days

Computer Literate

"Kids are becoming computer literate younger and younger these days".

Favourite Games

Grace's favourite game is jumping of any kind (on your legs, in the jolly jumper, etc.). Hannah's favourite game is playing Peek A Boo when I am folding the laundry.

Roll Over, Roll Over

The girls have finally rolled from their back to their front. OH NO!